Best Buy Web Hosting & Domains Offers

Security, speed and reliability. That’s all we want with the best web hosting offers available. Most how-to-choose-web-hosting articles include tips concerning Control Planel provided, uploading method offered and reliable customer support. These three features are considered to be the most important to pay attention to.

To check them all is quite easy. The other thing is to decide which things are really necessary for you and which you can set apart. First of all, you should be certain about the budget you have for your web site. Be sincere to tell how much money you are going and can spend on web hosting service. With so many options to choose you should set your limits and select only essential things for your project.

Buy WebHosting Server & Domain Name

Space, traffic and price are the basic features you should pay attention to. Let’s start with amount of web space. Choosing some hosting provider you acquire a certain amount of space on their server. Of course, the more space, the higher price. You should decide whether you are going to expand your online business that requires much more space.

To choose domain name is a crucial decision. It should be simple, catchy and smart. Of course, you can choose domain name in accordance with the name of your company or product you sell. The pricing changes depending on the level of domain name you choose. Thus, .com, .org, .net will be more expensive than for example,,, etc.

How to Buy Web Hosting

Actually, we all are planning that our business will be successful and profitable. We all want to make things bigger. But it doesn’t mean that you should choose the most advanced hosting package among the various offered. Just set your time limit. If you are not intending to expand your business within a year or so, choose web hosting plan with enough amount of space and the opportunity to change for another hosting plan that provides you with more opportunities and features.

The other thing to consider deciding what amount of space is enough for you is the type of web site you are going to create. In case your website is rich of graphics, video clips and other information that require a lot of space you should look for huge packages. To be precise, for a simple site 5GB would be enough. Usually, websites don’t even occupy over 50 MB.

The other option you may be interested in is the opportunity to host unlimited domains within one account. Depending on the hosting plan you choose you can host 1 domain only (this is the cheapest and the best solution if you need one simple website), up to 10 websites or unlimited number of websites.

Website Hosting Reviews

Opinions of other people is another thing to consider choosing reliable web hosting promoter. However, not all of them are trustworthy and sincere. We offer you to look the reviews on various forums where people express their emotions concerning some or another host. By the way, such opinions differ and you can learn more about advantages and drawbacks as well.

The other method to find out more about the web hosting company is Twitter. Just type in search query web_hosting_company_name with 🙂 or 🙁 and find the other customers share their bad or good experience with their service. This time only opinions of other people with some details about control panel usability, customer support service, etc.

You also can use our hosting comparing service to decide what web hosting provider is the best or whether you should choose dedicated web hosting or shared hosting plan. And of course, don’t forget to leave your comment and feedback as well.

Where to Buy Web Hosting

We offer you the reviews of the most trusted and popular host providers. However, you also can check them before making an order. The best thing is to call customer support before you join. Ask some basic or even stupid questions to find out whether you are going to deal with professionals.

By the way, some hosts even don’t answer their phones providing you with toll free phone numbers. Others just have incredible response times for their sales department and lousy response times for their technical or support department.

Those who are looking for the cheap hosting plan but still want more space/bandwidth included should note that with such packages the web hosting company needs more sites per server to make their money back and make some profits as well. So, recommendations and experience are the basic things to pay attention to.

Web Hosting Promo Codes

With such a great competitiveness on the web hosting market, companies try to attract more new customers with interesting promotions that guarantee you cheaper prices in comparison with usual offers. We also offer you some exclusive web hosting packages to get which you need to use special promo codes.

On the whole, we offer you the promo codes of various web hosting providers to order your web hosting plan with the best options at the best price. Just use such special promo code making an order and get some discount as well as some extra features to appreciate.

Buy Web Hosting via PayPal or Credit Card

You can pay for the hosting package with PayPal or Credit Card. If you decide to host your websites in different countries than your own, PayPal may seem even more attractive payment method to use because it allows making payment between different countries easy.

Owned by eBay, PayPal has been used as a payment method for person-to-person transactions. Today PayPal has also become an attractive option for web-based credit card payments.

For example, you are from the United States and want to order web hosting in the UK. With PayPal you can purchase web hosting packages without the need to have one of the major credit cards just because this payment method associate any credit, debit or bank account with them.

PayPal also allows you to use your credit card as well as other source of funds for any purchases made. Just click on link “Change” and a screen with a list of possible payment options will be displayed. Your credit card is also included in that list. Check the option next to it and click to the next page. Click “Yes” to approve your decision and your payment through PayPal will be charged to your credit card. To pay for web hosting service with your credit card using PayPal will charge you some fees.

How to Buy Web Site Domain

Hours of brainstorming and you have found a perfect domain name for your website. It is catchy and simple enough to remember as well as to tell more about your company or product. Now just check whether this domain name is available.

Various sites as well as web hosting providers offer you to check the domain name availability directly with the ICANN, the Internet governing body primarily responsible for domain name and IP address allocations since 1998. If you are lucky enough the find the domain name of your dream available at once you have several options to purchase.

Web Domain Idea

First of all, you can register a domain yourself without any help or extra fees. Just go to the Accredited Registrar Directory and choose among the companies accredited as registrars by ICANN and currently operational. Choose the listing by country or language and purchase.

In case your so desired domain name has already been taken you can take advantage of domain name auction that enables you to buy and sell the currently registered domain names.

There are various domain auction sites that allow you to search multiple domain names that are listed for sale by owner, and to place bids on the names they want to purchase. As in any auction, the highest bidder wins. The domains with best names have the higher winning bid.

Who Is Doman Check

Choosing trustworthy web hosting company you also can check a WHOIS on their domain name. The first thing you should pay attention to is the creation date of the domain name. Look for the web host that has a domain name created more than a year ago. Otherwise, such company can be good but rather risky.

Note that when you register you own domain name some extra information such as your address, name, etc is required. You also can take advantage of private registration when the contact information of the registrar is shown instead.
There are wholesalers registry operators. In other words, they typically provide domain name services to a large number of retail registrars, who in turn offer them to consumers. Note that in case you choose private registration, only the identity of the wholesale registrar may be returned. In this case, the identity of the individual as well as the retail registrar may be hidden.

Web Domain Registrars Reviews

We offer you the reviews of web hosting companies as well as domain registrars to make your opinion about and make the right choice. You also can get web hosting package with free domain name. However, you should be sure whether this web hosting provider put your information in the WHOIS. Otherwise, this free domain will not be yours. Remember, those who have their information in the WHOIS is the owner, not the one who paid for it.

Buy Web Hosting Plan and Get Domain for Free

The easiest way to get a domain name is to order it with your web hosting plan. It is fast and cheap method to buy web domain and hosting together. What is more, some web hosting companies provide you the opportunity to register your domain name for free. Everything is possible and if you decide to change the host in the future, as a rule you retain full rights to the name just as if you had registered it separately. However, to check the details of the agreement is a must in any case.

Those who just don’t have enough imagination to think about another name for you domain if the first has already been taken, can take advantage of name suggestion tool. Such tools make the whole process of name choosing easy. You just enter several keywords related to your company or product or maybe some catchy slogan or word you think is smart and this tool provides you with various domain names available.

Web Hosting Plans

You have chosen a host at last. Now you should decide which web hosting plan is the best for you. We have already been talking about amount of web space. But this is not the only thing to pay attention to making such a decision. For example, you also should consider such thing as FTP access that allows you to upload new pages.

Start Packages

Search engine submission, site builder or content management systems. This is not a full list of various options included with the most web hosting packages provided. Perhaps, such features are the best for beginners who don’t know programming or anything about web site building. Choose some basic features for standard web site without any extra videos or photo. Just simple text and nice design.

Professional Packages

Unlimited MYSQL databases, SSL Certificate, PHP 4 or PHP 5, Python CGI, Perl and Java as well. Such programming and database features are available for more sophisticated hosting plans to appreciate. Depending on the size of your project you can choose such unlimited packages. Some web hosting providers also offer you to register domain names in bulk or to take advantage of free private whois service. Anyway, the most important thing is to choose the most reliable host to appreciate all these features.

Enterprise Packages

Large or growing companies who want to succeed can get email through the domain name of their web site. Check whether the host you have chosen provides you with unlimited pop mailboxes, autoresponders, email aliases, etc. These services are essential to stay in touch with your visitors and potential customers. All in all email looks more professional and official.