WordPress, Drupal and Joomla – Need Advice?

waht cms to choose  WordPress is for blogging. Drupal is too complicated for beginners.   Joomla is something between these two. These are the key features that we know about the most popular content management systems – WordPress, Drupal and Joomla.

Not much. Especially if you want to create more than one web site with different design and options included. Let’s try to look through the details that help you to choose the content management system that is easy-to-work with and that will meet all your requirements.

Top 20 Differences between Joomla, WordPress and Drupal

Everything is about your preferences. Some users suppose that Joomla is slow while others think that it is Drupal that takes more time to load pages. Here you can compare the most important factors that are necessary to take into consideration while creating your website. Of course, there can be more than 20 features need to be covered. Feel free to add some new and important as well as just share your own opinion.

Features WordPress Joomla Drupal
Ease of use Very easy Quite easy Webmaster oriented/Some skills required
Installation Very easy Very easy Easy, but requires technical stuff
Administration Very easy Graphics help a lot Confusing for beginners
Blogs Best choice Easy to create Skills required
Themes Collection Excellent Good Decent
Multiple Users
SEO Requires OpenSEF or SEO extension
Ecommerce Avaiable with plugins Avaiable with extensions Avaiable with modules that are quite confusing
Forums With SimpleMachines Requires heavy theming to look great
Video No, unless embed YouTube videos No, unless embed YouTube videos Full support(.mov, .avi, .mpg, .flv)
Audio With multimedia extensions Full support
Photo Galleries
Features Mostly for blogging Need more for social areas Everything you dreamt about
Programming Language PHP PHP PHP
Speed Fast Very fast Slower
Learning Curve Fast and easy Pretty easy Hard
Database MySQL MySQL MySQL/PostgresSQL
Security Great Good Great

When You Need WordPress Hosting

wordpress, joomla, drupal hosting comparison

If all you need is a decent blog, choose WordPress without hesitation. It is easy-to-use CMS with plenty of fantastic themes to make your blog look great. WordPress has a good categorization system with tags and categories. To create SEO friendly pages is also easy indicating special title and URLS for every unique page.

WordPress is not only about blogging. Using this CMS you can create a static website as well. It is the best solution for beginners who want to create some small website or blog. Easy to learn, simple to use. Plenty of features to try. What else do you need?

Why Joomla Can Be the Best Choice

Joomla is considered to be something between Drupal and WordPress. It has more features than WordPress and is not so sophisticated as Drupal. With a great collection of various extensions, Joomla can be used to create websites including online shops. There are lots of features, but they are easy to learn. You can use it for blog as well, but categorization is limited.

On the whole, Joomla is for those who tired of WordPress, need some improvement or something new, and are not ready for Drupal. Middel-sized projects can be created with Joomla.

Is Drupal Beyond Comparison?

Drupal is perfect… but hard. Some programming knowledge is a must. If you are confident in your development skills, choose this CMS for sure. Tons of features for blogging, social networking, forums, communities, online shops. It has all you dreamt about.

As they say “The more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in war”. Drupal is all about it. To learn it is hard, but with all its features provided and vast community that is ready to help you, to create any complicated website with plenty of features will be possible. The other question is whether you really need it? Maybe simple and user-friendly point-and-click interface is better than content management system that requires some technical skills.