Best Buy Dedicated Hosting Plans

If you want to start a web project, you will surely be looking for good hosting plans. The most common types of web hosting are Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting and Dedicated Hosting. The type of package you need depends on your requirements. For example, if you decide to make a small static site with several articles and simply maintain it, shared hosting will be quite enough.

If you are planning to start a serious project, dedicated hosting plans are the best option. They give you total control over all operations that are processed at your server. Dedicated hosting is specially good for projects with dynamically growing number of users. Unlike VPS hosting, dedicated packages provide you with a whole server, which excludes bad neighbourhood and other negative factors.

Buy Dedicated Hosting Server

Dedicated hosting servers offer you a lot of advantages and the best choice of provided features. The only disadvantage of dedicated hosting is its price. Anyway, if you really take care of your project and its safety, you will not hesitate. Dedicated packages are also a good option for improvement. When you accumulate really many pictures or videos, and your community becomes too big to fit a VPS server, it’s time to upgrade.

Buying a dedicated hosting package is a serious step, but you will certainly enjoy managing your site with this type of hosting. To purchase a dedicated hosting plan you will need to do several easy steps. Basically, the procedure is the same for shared, VPS and dedicated hosting offers. In most cases, you only need to enter some basic data about you and your project, pay for the period you choose, and it’s yours!

Dedicated Hosting Types to Choose

When you decide to buy dedicated server hosting, you also have to define, which package type is the best for you. You can purchase web hosting on a Linux server, or choose a Windows-based package. These two types will give you different advantages, so you should thoroughly examine all information about both options before making your decision.

Anyway, both systems have a decent range of common features that you will get in any case. First of all, they can use FTP access to transfer files. Then, some file types can be used with Windows and Linux hosting. You can program .HTML sites or .JS Java scripts, and forget about compatibility problems. If you are creating an online shop, you can easily use CGI instead of Perl or C. CGI also works both with Linux and Windows.

Many web host companies suggest you to choose between Windows and Linux dedicated hosting, other work with only one of these systems. This is a decisive point for defining the future of your web project, as the platform you choose will influence many decisions you will have to take in future. Also, you need to pay attention to different security options for Windows and Linux, and make the choice depending on your requirements.

When you buy dedicated hosting, you are suggested to choose between managed and unmanaged hosting servers. Managed hosting plan means that your hosting provider is also responsible for server administration. You will only set up the basics, like mailboxes or domains, while the burden of hosting configuration and maintenance is given to web host company. Managed web hosting has higher prices, too.

Unmanaged dedicated hosting package gives you all keys to the server you purchased. If you like to control and manage everything yourself, this option is for you. For instance, you will be responsible for regular software updating to keep your data away from hackers. Unmanaged server hosting also requires knowledge of Unix both if you choose Linux or Windows packages. Without it you will have problems managing your server.

If you are standing on the crossroads of managed and unmanaged hosting, we can give you several advices. Managed hosting plans are the best option will fit you if the price of time you’ll spend on server administration is too high for you, and you want to delegate it to the professionals. Web host companies traditionally have many skilled workers with good experience to manage your hosting as well as possible.

The unmanaged hosting is good if you already have experience in working with servers. Also you can try and hire a skilled employee, who would manage all these issues without any problem, but you should weigh all pros and cons before. If you are a fast-growing company, and all extra money goes into improving your services, we also advise you unmanaged servers, as managed ones are always more expensive.

Windows Dedicated Servers

Windows server hosting has appeared not so long ago, but today already has many fans. It was developed by the famous Microsoft. The strength of this web hosting type is its compatibility. Any programmer can improve his knowledge a bit, and convert COM objects and some data access into a certain web application.

You have many reasons to choose a server working with Windows. The biggest reason to choose Windows hosting is the programming language. If your web project is developed using ASP or some other Microsoft.NET technologies, you will surely choose Windows hosting, as it works only with Windows.

Also if you are planning to use a certain application on your web page, check its programming language. If the developers used some ASP.Net or other ASP programming, you will need to improve the needed module a bit. In many cases the applications will work without any adjustment programming, but you should simply keep it in mind.

When your company gets big your database starts growing ever more. Windows hosting is a better solution for big databases. It becomes especially notable, if your site requires Linux-based functional management and maintenance. MySQL databases work both with Windows and Linux, but in this kind of critical points, Windows is a better choice.

If you use Access, you will have to use Windows hosting, because this database type is not supported in Linux at all. Normally, to create a database using Windows hosting it is good to use the combination of ASP/Access or ASP/MySQL. The difference between these two combinations is not really big, and usually depends only on your preferences.

Bad security on Windows servers is a myth. This is due to traditional view on security issues in Windows and Linux systems. In fact, both server types use NetFronts security system. NetFronts developers constantly upgrade their system to improve performance and security at once.

Another good option of Windows hosting plans is that you can use Microsoft FrontPage to edit your web pages. This is specially good when you choose unmanaged dedicated hosting. To use the popular FrontPage editor you will have to install a special extension, which is not an extension, in fact.

The main disadvantage of Windows-based hosting plans is their price. Being a free platform, Linux can offer considerably lower prices. Anyway, Windows has many advantages, and is worth the money you pay. Also, if you have limited budget, you can order a Windows-based hosting plan for a couple of months and try how it works. If the price will be too big for your project, you can always shift to Linux.

Linux Dedicated Servers

Linux-based hosting offers allows you to enjoy great range of function at a really low price. Linux is originally a product with open code, so you will not pay any extras for the license. Also, Linux web sites can be easily transferred to Windows servers. Many flexible options also allow you to adjust your site to the growing requirements.

If you use MySQL databases Linux hosting is the best choice. It has many instruments for efficient management and maintenance of MySQL databases. Also, if you program using PHP and Perl, Linux will be your lucky strike. This hosting platform is more reliable if you work with these two instruments. Also, Linux is the most efficient option for you financial management with PHP and Perl programming.

If you purchase Linux hosting, many database types will be available for your web page. The most popular database platforms for Linux platform are MySQL and PostgreSQL. These systems are very flexible and allow you to optimize the speed of connection between your site and the database, which can be really enormous.

Many experts claim that Linux-based hosting is safer than that working with Windows. First of all, they argue it by open access to the code, which gives you total control over your system. Also, it is interesting that the majority of programmers and web developers work with Linux platforms and Linux hosting plans.

Often you need to control and administer your page on many computers – for instance, at home and at work. For this you can use the common MS FrontPage program, which is normally distributed in MS Office package. Though this program is developed and adjusted for Windows, you can install a special extension and enjoy working with this great instrument.

Managed Hosting Plans

Managed hosting solutions suggest you to relax and distribute almost all control over your server to the web host company. Originally, most hosting solutions were managed. Today the top hosting providers suggest you managed hosting plans. This type of server administration gives you access only to the basics, while all serious and time-consuming operations are conducted by the hosting company.

In most cases, managed hosting plans give you support and administration of operating system, control panel, server and pre-installed applications. Anyway, if you install some special applications yourself (WordPress, for example), you will have to keep an eye of it yourself. Many managed hosting solutions suggest you important backup options and regular system monitoring to react faster if the server goes down.

Most webmasters prefer using managed servers. There are two main reasons for this. First, they require less work. Second they require much less monitoring. If you are worried about the fine setup you can get with unmanaged solutions, we should state that standard setup and support provided by hosting companies work perfectly well for the majority of web sites.

To purchase the best option of managed hosting, you need to make several easy steps. When you define the preferable platform to use for hosting, you can browse the web in search of the most reliable companies that offer managed hosting. As a result, you can make a list of managed hosting providers that work with the your platform. With this list, you can check their prices and conditions to make the best purchase.

Unmanaged Server Hosting

Unmanaged hosting is the best solution for those who like to keep everything under control. If you have a very special project with big databases and many adjustments are required for your site, unmanaged server hosting will be the best choice. Dedicated hosting also requires more work from your side. You will have to keep track of your server safety, update the software all the time, and regularly check if it’s up and running.

Of course, a certain package of services is provided with unmanaged server hosting, too. Mainly it touches the issues of hardware – the web host company will replace the bad components of your server, reboot them when it’s necessary and maintain the network. Anyway, all software responsibility is the work of your webmaster.

When you purchase unmanaged web hosting, you can install the operating system you want and change it whenever you like or need it. Also, you can try different control panels providing that make your web mastering easier, or even work without it.

To sum it all up, with unmanaged server hosting you need more time, but the system gets all yours, and you can adjust it to your project the finest way. Unmanaged server hosting is also cheaper, so if you want to invest your money into developing the project, unmanaged hosting will also be a good solution.

Database Server Hosting

Database Server hosting allows you to run applications with intensive databases. With these packages you decide how to use the server – it can be all used for databases, or shared for a web site and database at once. Database server solutions are the best for special software like CRM, (Customer Relation Management) or the important ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning).

Database server hosting is also a very good choice for customized applications created specially for you and your project. These programs, just as CRM and ERP, require more memory and that’s why database hosting solutions are required.

The special feature of database server is that it hosts information in tables consisting of rows and columns. Most systems can find information from databases much faster than on a regular hard drive. Also, database works as the core of application, so it requires more operative memory and processes all tasks faster,

MySQL Dedicated Hosting

MySQL dedicated hosting is a very reliable option. When you purchase it, a whole serve is given for your project. All resources at your dedicated MySQL server will be isolated, and protected beyond one hundred doors. Most web host companies will suggest you fast repair and update utilities accessible on the web.

The main feature of MySQL hosting is that you get many types of databases supported. You can get both databases with whole text search or with the precise-level search. It all depends on your requirements. Also, new types of tables appear in MySQL due to its open architecture. Usually MySQL databases are used as servers, but you can also mange the internal server library that includes MySQL to separate programs.

MySQL database server will be enough for almost any project, as it can process a lot instant requests without any error. When your project becomes too big for MySQL you will have to search for some special or even customized solutions.

Cheap Dedicated Hosting – to Buy or Not?

Many questions can arise when you see low prices for dedicated server hosting. These low prices can be motivated by several important points. Many companies that are new at the hosting market offer you low prices to attract their first clients and obtain the necessary experience. Some web host companies suggest you different packages with some limited functions – even if it is a dedicated server.

Before choosing the cheap dedicated hosting, you can browse the web for information about the service provider. In most cases there is nothing special about the low price, and companies simply try to attract more clients. If there is no negative information about the web host company you chose, don’t hesitate to order dedicated hosting.